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Special Offer

A very special offer from monthly Global Science; for our readers in Pakistan (including Azad Kashmir)    

September 17, 2014 Offer
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Earn Money from Internet, but HOW-2 (Urdu)

Part-2 of a selected feature from October 2013 issue of Monthly Global Science

September 13, 2014 Selected Writings
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Earn Money from Internet, but HOW? (Urdu)

Part-1 of an important feature published in October 2013 issue of monthly Global Science

September 12, 2014 Selected Writings
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Science-Religion Dialogue (Nuskha e Kemiya)

As a policy matter, this category always remains page 1 of Global Science

August 21, 2014 Science-Religion-Dialogue
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Milestone from Monthly Global Science

Despite all the troubles, crises and hurdles — by the grace of Almighty Allah — Monthly Global Science successfully completed its 200 issues in exactly

August 16, 2014 News
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Media Writing and Translation

Be apart from the Crowd! Attend our Demo Class and then decide. Want to get published in Newspapers and Magazines; but don’t know how to

August 09, 2014 Journalism
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Science Quote – JBS Heldane

The Universe isn’t just queerer than you think, It is queerer than you can think! J.B.S Heldane

July 23, 2014 Uncategorized
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نیوکلیائی بیٹری سیل؟

Long ago, we published a special news feature about an innovative Nuclear Battery Cell, explaining an innovative approach to produce electricity/ heat through safer nuclear

July 23, 2014 News
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Here Comes Borospherene: Boron’s Buckyball

Back in 1985, the discovery of Buckyball — a hollow, football-like molecule of 60 Carbon atoms — marked the beginning of nanotechnology. Now, 29 years

July 15, 2014 News
Introduction to Angles – Urdu/ Hindi 0

Introduction to Angles – Urdu/ Hindi

Viewers from Pakistan: Please use a VPN to see this video. Ultrasurf is recommended Khan Academy’s Geometry Playlist, Urdu/ Hindi Translation. Original Title: Introduction to angles

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